Co-Working CoworKite Lifestyle Work Environment.

CoWorking Blouberg co-working space is in the heart of Blouberg close to the beach. 
Especially designed for digital nomads and water people, high speed fibre internet,  with battery backup so we never go offline in power cuts.

Stop wasting time sitting in traffic.

Coffee All Day Long

High Speed Fibre internet
UPS battery backup for those moments eskom turn the power off.

Free Parking (not traffic jams) OR come on your bike.

Open Plan or Desk

Boardrooms Co-Working Space has different options for different people.
We know one desk style definitely doesn't fit all.

  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, exclusive to guests of
  • Sit on a couch inside or outside working from your laptop (yes on your lap)
  • Sit at our stylish inside outside stool height bar counter.
  • At the 10 seater conference table for a community style workflow.
  • Open plan 2 seater desks
  • One of the 7 desks in the quiet rooms.
  • Sorry we don't offer drop in.
  • Minimum booking of 4 days a month
  • Day Rate R300
  • Week Rate R1000. A week is 5 days, Monday to Friday. extra days R300 a day
  • Month Rate R2700 strictly from 1st of the Month, 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
  • If you stay at Boardrooms accommodation your coworking desk is FREE. 
  • UPS Battery backup for the wifi and fibre connection, we stay on when the power is off.

Darren Barker

About the 

About the Boardrooms CoWorking Space
in Blouberg 

Boardrooms offers a unique working environment with a high speed fibre Wi-Fi network for business travellers, digital nomads & professionals who have the freedom to work from anywhere but don't want necessary distractions.

We cater for a variety of needs:

The term “CoworKite” (cowrking for kitesurfers) has been used to describe the facilities available  
We provide Accommodation & Co-Working Space for Board Riders & and people who have to work whilst seeing the world….. a place for like-minded people to Work, Play & Stay.

"Come and have a look at what we have to offer"

Boardrooms is a perfect coworking space. Nice and close to the AirBNB we rented but more importantly close to the beach. 
Quite space to concentrate and the internet is lighting fast


"Super modern, stylish and still cosy. Perfect clean desks, fast WIFI and interesting people. A great place to live the balance:
Work <-> Life!"


"I spent several weeks kitesurfing in Cape Town (Blouberg) and needed a place to work ... besides kitesurfing;). coworkite
The co-working space of Darren was great!
Very new, clean & tidy and above all - fast internet!  

Lots of space, power connections and a huge kitchen (kettle etc.), as well as places to sit outside.
The whole is less of a typical office desk share, rather a very cozy, modern place to work.
I can absolutely recommend it!

Martin Q

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